Semalt Expert Describes Google Analytics Features Every SEO Champ Must Know

There is no doubt that Google Analytics is one of the most important and essential tools when it comes to understanding your audience and its taste. This tool lets you dig deeper into the type of articles your readers want to read, the platforms they get more attracted to, and the path that leads them to buy your products and services. Both large and small businesses use Google Analytics and take advantage of its features, adjusting the data for their sites and planning excellent marketing strategies.

Two years ago, hundreds of companies utilized Google Analytics as part of their data collection and digital marketing strategies. Companies of all sizes utilize web analytics tools, and most of them prefer Google Analytics. The competitors of Google Analytics are Adobe, Webtrends, and many others. It may not be possible for any of them to get as much success as Google Analytics.

Some of the excellent features of Google Analytics have been discussed here by Nik Chaykovskiy, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt.

Weighted Sort

When it comes to analyzing how your website and its different pages perform, it is the bounce rate which you have to pay attention to. Plus, you should check the number of your page views, the quality of your traffic and the IP addresses of your users. For this, you should click on the attribute's heading and sort the problems one by one. Try your best to organize the pages by bounce rate, but this would not completely put your web pages to get high-quality traffic. Instead, you should sort page views and try to reduce your bounce rate to a great extent. This feature is only present in Google Analytics and can give you lots of benefits.

Site Search

It's safe to say that all of the websites have a search bar for users to narrow down what they are looking for. The search bars expedite the search process to a great extent, saving a lot of time of your users. This feature is made a part of Google Analytics, and you can locate the bar in the Site Search section. With this tool, you can see what types of products and services are most suitable for your audience and how to make your site easy to navigate for them.

Remarketing Lists

The remarketing lists are valuable for marketing purposes. They allow you to reach a number of potential customers and convert your visitors to sales. They collect data about your visitors, attracting them towards your website and its products. This great feature is present in Google Analytics and is an excellent way to make most of the audience you have, without any need to invest in your marketing strategies and social media ads. To adjust its settings, you should go to the Admin section of Google Analytics and click on "Remarketing" under the column titled as Property. Once you have enabled this option, you can create more and more audiences based on your requirements. You can also add them to your future ad campaigns of AdWords. This is an excellent feature in Google Analytics, giving you quality results.